Hannah and Je together

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

US North East Trip – New Hampshire

The most memorable place in New Hampshire was Kancamagus Highway which is State Route 112 in New Hampshire (NH-112 for short).

Kancamagus Highway Scenic View Point (NH-112)

It is very beautiful wound and scenic road. There was so many stop-and-view places and we actually wanted to stop at every single place.

Champney Falls Trail

We went to the Champney Falls Trail where there is a small parking lot with self-paying station. We needed to pay $3 in the envelop and put the envelop in the box which the park ranger would collect regularly. But the thing was, the envelop was out of stock. There was no envelop to put the money.

I really wanted to pay, but I simply couldn’t.

In the trail

It was quite pleasant trail, not too hard, not too easy to me. But it was too hard for Hannah – she was complaining the whole time while we were climbing.

The falls finally

The falls themselves were really small, but the trail was very good. It always makes me feel so good being in the forest and climbing in the trails. I totally loved the Champney Falls trail.


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  1. Beautiful pictures. Scenery is so beautiful. Glad you are able to travel like this James. We have had rain here the last few days and expecting snow today.

    Comment by Marlene Ferris Corbett — Wednesday, 24 October 2012 @ 8:47 | Reply

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