Hannah and Je together

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dad and Mummy

I was listening to the Moody Radio Chicago on the way yesterday morning, and they were talking about father because the Father’s Day was coming closer.

And they used the word Dad a lot (of course). But it sounds like Dead.

Well… Dad sounds like Dead and Mummy(female parent) sounds and spells exactly same as Mummy(the dead from the ancient Egypt).

Why is that?

무디 라디오를 듣고 있었는데, 아버지의 날이 가까와 오니까 아버지에 대한 얘기를 많이 했다.

Dad (아빠)라는 단어를 무척 많이 사용했는데, 마치 dead (죽은)처럼 들렸다.

흠…. Dad(아빠)는 dead(죽은)와 소리가 비슷하고 Mummy(엄마, Mommy라고도 함)는 철자와 소리가 완전 Mummy(미라)와 같다.

왜 그럴까?


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