Hannah and Je together

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Funny Koreans 2

Once I helped a Korean guy with his job interview. And the people in the company and the manager said that they did not want this guy if he could not speak any English. So I explained them that my friend(?) can read and write, just not fluent in speaking. To convince them, I let him speak something in English even ‘yes’ and ‘no.’

And I also told them that he was studying English really hard. But to confess, I was totally lying for him.

Anyway he got the job, and years later, now I heard something.

The guy and his wife are telling people about me:

“That guy is an ass-hole. He came with me for the job interview as a translator, and he let me say something in English. If I can speak English why would I need him? He just humiliated me. He is just an ass-hole.”

It was unbelievable. He does not know anything about what happened, how I lied for him. He just saying bad about me. Guess how much I was paid for that translating and making him work there.

Not even a penny. And he is still working there.

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