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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Hopeless country, desperate people

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[Warning: mean words and coarse language used]

He’s gone.

Weather he killed himself or was killed, he went to the other world by the political vengeance.

It is said that Rome was not build in a day, but it can fall down in a day. During the 10 years of President DJ Kim and MH Rho, I believed that we settled the democracy down in Korea successfully. But that was just my illusion. The democracy in Korea fell down in a day.

North Korea is dictatorship and South Korea is too.

Korea is hopeless country: The president killed his political enemy using the prosecutor and K-CIA. The prosecutor kept saying, “I believe he got the money.” and the news papers wrote it headline almost everyday, but when the investigation was finished, that was not true. Still the prosecutors and the papers have never corrected themselves nor said sorry.

Korea is hopeless country: The government let the police stop the people giving flower to the deceased former President. They said mourning is illegal and they robbed the candle of the five year old boy.

I do not see any hope in this country.

Why is this country hopeless? Because the police and prosecutors kiss and lick the ass of the power? Partly yes.

Because the new papers tell the lies and close the eyes of the people? Partly yes.

But the biggest reason why this country is hopeless is that the people is desperate. I deny all the chances and fortunes in the history. I don’t see a person change the history.

The reason why a nation goes strong is because of her people’s capability. The reason why a nation falls down is because her people are not capable. Even though she has great man, there is no answer when her people suck.

Did Genghis Khan raise the great empire alone? Even though the country was divided into many tribes, the people itself had power. Khan just gathered the gun power and lit. With the sand, there will be no explosion though you light it thousand times. Let’s say, all other countries around had rifles and Mongols had the weapons of old stone age. Khan or hundred times greater man cannot raise the great empire.

Do you think the Industrial Revolution was occured in Britain first and they led it just because James Watt was lived there and invented the steam engine? I don’t think so. If he was born in Uganda, then would Uganda also had the Industrial Revolution first and led the world? And if you can fly back to new stone age, and you build the railway with the trains, would the people in that era use the train lively and that would help their economy?

The reason the Britain ignited the Industrial Revolution was not because of the one man named James Watt, but because of her people and society having enough capability.

History always tells about the great persons. But it was the needs of the time and it was the people’s capability that made the great persons. When the people have enough capability, there is always answers, if not, there is no answer in any case and in any situation.

The reason Korea was colonised under the japanese empire was not because of only one person, but because of the people of that time having no capability. The nation fell down because of the incapability of her people. It was because of the people how and why SM Lee became the first president in Korea. And it was because of the people how and why JH Park, DH Jeon, TW Rho, and YS Kim became presidents. Yes, the people are nothing but the sons of a bitch.

And of course MB Lee recently.

MR. Rho went like this because the people are fucking.

Korea and her people are hopeless and helpless.

I think DJ Kim and MH Rho were born 100 years earlier. I think we need stronger man who can clear all the fucking papers and kill all the bitches and sons of a bitch.

Rat is getting fat, and people starve. Then people denied to be people and became rat.

Hopeless country, and desperate peole…. at least in my eyes.



  1. Consider that it is the culture a people possess that allows that culture to create a thriving prosperous country.

    Not all cultures are equal.

    Some countries have multiple cultures that impede the country as a whole, I believe that is part of Africa’s problem along with not possessing many viable successful cultures to begin with.

    African countries that kicked out the colonial Europeans and their imported culture have generally fallen into disrepair.

    As for South Korea, I believe you are too negative.

    Yes, South Korea has problems but all countries have problems.

    The South Korean people are generally intelligent and productive and will assuredly continue to be a prosperous viable country and work out their problems.

    Of course, it may be necessary to do what also needs to be done within the USA…

    the elite ruling class needs to be quelled, have their wealth and power reduced to a certain extent so that those actually performing the tasks that keep a country and society operating on a daily basis are rewarded enough to make their efforts worthwhile.

    Too much greed at the top of a socio-economic hierarchy causes disgruntlement among those at the bottom of the socio-economic pile.

    I expect the ongoing class war within the USA to erupt into full-fledged insurrection some year or decade.

    Along with class warfare the USA’s elite class allows MILLIONS of outside invaders to cross the Mexico/USA border where the estimated 12 to 20 million illegal alien invaders currently within the USA directly compete with the USA’s working-poor socio-economic group.

    The elites encourage the invasion since divide-and-conquer is an ancient tactic to control masses of people.

    Always remember that the USA’s federal level political system is owned and operated by an elite class, corporate America and wealthy / powerfurful special-interest groups.

    The masses of American citizens have very little, if any, control of the USA federal government.

    The elite class and a few others decide who is allowed to have a meaningful chance to run for federal office and the elite-owned mass media has a tremendous influence as to who receives the most votes.

    Of course, I must also declare that USA citizens are bombarded with propaganda from an early age and are indoctrinated to behave and act in a manner the elite class wants them too.

    Few Americans shake off the brainwashing thus allowing the elite class to maintain the status quo so beneficial to those elites and their cohorts.

    Of course, that is the method most hierarchical organizations throughout history have operated and will likely remain that way due to humans instinctively being pack animals akin to wolves and baboons.

    The Disgruntled Old Coot wrote the above and encourages people everywhere to adopt the Females as Property Movement or at least some aspects of it so as to improve all human societies.

    Comment by obbop — Sunday, 5 July 2009 @ 4:06 | Reply

  2. I think the elite class in America is not greeder than those in Korea.

    Anyway I am worrying about Korea. The whole country is falling down now.

    Comment by Jemyoung Leigh — Wednesday, 22 July 2009 @ 16:15 | Reply

  3. This is a really good post and something I never thought about, but I do recall a few eatery charges on my credit card that seemed to be much higher than I recalled spending. Well I think I will make an effort to bring enuf cash for tipping from now on if possible!

    Comment by Niki Tag — Wednesday, 14 April 2010 @ 10:13 | Reply

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