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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Smoke Alarm on shower

A few days ago, I was taking a shower at my bathroom when I heard the noise of Smoke Alarm.

I was surprise and checked the kitchen but nothing was on the stove or in the oven. I had no idea why but the smoke alarm kept ringing. Of course I was naked in the kitchen. 😦

Anyway I fanned around the alarm and it was gone for a while. And then it came back.

Eventually I found the what made the Smoke Alarm angry. I was taking hot shower and the steam of water went to the smoke alarm – I did not close the bathroom door securely and it opened a little.

Since then, I always turn on the ventilation fan in the bathroom and close the door firmly. 🙂

It was terrible to me – wondering all around in my house naked.

몇일 전에, 욕실에서 샤워를 하는데, 연기 경보기가 울렸다.

깜짝 놀라서 부엌을 확인해 봤지만, 렌지위나 오븐 속에 아무 것도 들어있지 않았다. 이유를 알 수 없는 가운데 연기 경보기는 계속 울었다. 물론 난 부엌에서 홀딱 벗고 있었다 -_-;;

어째든, 경보기에 부채질을 하니 잠시 울음을 멈췄다가 다시 울기 시작했다.

결국은 왜 경보기가 작동했는지 알아냈다. 뜨거운 물로 샤워를 하고 있었는데, 김이 연기 경보기에 들어간 것이다. 난 욕실 문을 꽉 닫지 않았었는데, 살짝 열려 버렸다.

그 후론 늘 환풍기 켜고 욕실 문을 확실히 닫는다. ^^;;

홀딱벗고 집안 곳곳을 돌아다니는 건 정말 끔찍했다.


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