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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Folklorama 2008: Greek Pavilion

In the evening two days ago, I went to three pavilions – Korean, Argentinian, and Greek. I already visited the first two pavilions last year but Greek was first time.

In the display, Greek tells only Olive tree and some origin of Olympics.

The Greek Pavilion was held at Greek Orthodox Church. And here are some pictures of the Sanctuary:

Back side of the Sanctuary - all golden colour

Front of the Sanctuary - all golden colour too.

The big golden cup is used for baptising a baby

In other pavilions, they did several different shows but in Greek, they did all the same – that was little bit boring. But the girl who led the programme, she was the best.

Two pictures of their dancing:

And I uploaded some videos on my Youtube:

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이틀전 저녁에 포클로라마 축제 세 곳을 다녀왔다 – 한국, 아르헨티나, 그리고 그리스였다. 한국과 아르헨티나는 작년에도 갔던 곳이고, 그리스는 처음 가는 곳이었다.

그리스 문화 전시한 곳은 감람나무(올리브)와 약간의 올림픽의 기원 뿐이었다. 그리스 파빌리언은 그리스 정교회에서 자리를 잡고 했는데, 정교회는 처음 가보는 곳이라 사진 몇 장 찍어왔다. 금색으로 꽤 화려하게 꾸며놨다. 세 번째 사진의 거대한 컵 같은 거는, 아기들  세례를 주는 곳이라고 한다.

다른 파빌리언들은 종류가 다른 여러 쑈를 보여주는데, 그리스는 처음부터 끝까지 같은 것만 보여줘서 지루했다.  하지만 사회보는 언니는 정말 잘 했다.

위에 있는 춤추는 사진 둘과 유튜브 7개를 감상해 보시길…

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  1. Wow you took some utterly crappy videos of our show. (I’m one of the dancers, btw.) You didn’t even record the best stuff with your shitass phone camera, nor can you see any of our footwork. Good job.

    Try to sit closer next time if you find the show “boring” as you say.

    Try to find a more entertaining pavilion than ours and then maybe your worthless comments might be taken seriously.

    Comment by SuperStar — Thursday, 14 August 2008 @ 14:22 | Reply

  2. Hello poor coward,

    It is good to have the dancer’s comment but you are quite rude. I agree that I sat at quite back seat, but I could see your foot works – that was very nice.

    The reason I said boring is even though I think your traditional dance is nice but your pavilion showed almost the same thing from the beginning to the end while the other pavilions showed quite different kinds of shows. For example, Argentinian pavilion showed
    1) Song of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,”
    2) Kids’ dancing
    3) Tango dancing
    4) Tango singing
    5) Something like circus which I don’t know the name – they were spinning the strings with hard balls on the both ends making tick sound when the balls hit the floor

    And again, you are poor coward. Why do you afraid of me by hiding your real email and put the fake one – gofuckyourself@youmakeshittyvideos.com

    I always thought that Greece is quite nice country with great history but if your attitude is like this all the time, you should know that you are just making people dislike Greece. You are just painting dungs on your glorious and proud ancestors. I want you to be a true Greek.

    PS1: That was not a phone camera.
    PS2: If I go to Greek Pavilion again, I will sit close to the stage.
    PS3: I already found lots of Pavilions (actually all other pavilions) more exciting than yours.

    Comment by Jemyoung Leigh — Thursday, 14 August 2008 @ 14:48 | Reply

  3. The fact that you think we did the same dances from beginning to end shows the following:

    a) That you were indeed sitting too far back to see what was really going on.


    b) That you weren’t even paying attention to the show itself… too busy filming on your crappy camera.

    Every dance is QUITE different, if you had paid attention to the footwork. Clearly you didn’t catch that.

    Make no mistake, I have no problem at all with criticism. But when it’s unjustified criticism due to ignorance, I will speak up like the true and proud Greek that I am.

    I’m done. I’ve said my piece.

    Comment by SuperStar — Thursday, 14 August 2008 @ 15:03 | Reply

  4. Thanks for reply on my comment.

    I paid my attention to it but it looks all the same. The judge of the show is the audience not a performer. And it is not my own thought. I also talked about it with several more people and they had the same thought to mine.

    The audiences found yours is not exciting enough. And that’s all.

    I believe that you must be a nice guy if I see you in person but in the internet, you are just a coward – not a proud Greek but a shameful Greek with mean words.

    Comment by Jemyoung Leigh — Thursday, 14 August 2008 @ 15:10 | Reply

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