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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Brief history of modern Corea – 01. Bad Japan


First of all, this is not an academic essay. Its intention is to give you vague idea of recent history of Corea and understanding of current affairs in Corea. And of course, it contains personal view but I want to say it would be as fair as possible. I am not giving any promise but I want to make it a series of postings.


Corea (or Korea) is believe to have 4,341 years’ history. And its last kingdom was Chosun (or Joseon) founded 1392 following the previous kingdom of Goryeo. We had beautiful and unique culture and also King Sejong the Great invented (or commanded the scholars to invent) our own writing system (or characters) of Hangul.

[Start here]

Japan opened their gate to the western world by the Meiji Ishin and absorbed the western techues and weapons. Japanese revolution was quite unique and different from other countries’ because most countries had a monarchy and finished it through the revolution, but in Japan, a shogun had a real power and by the Meiji revolution, the kingship was restored. The new royal government weakened the lords all across the Japan, and they faced much discontentment. To resolve the discontentment, Japan turned the issue to outside of Japan.

Meanwhile, there were confusions in Corea and had some western invaded by France and USA which made Corea shut the gate firmly. Japan took in the western weapons and technique but Corea shut the gate down – it is obvious Japan became far much stronger than Corea. And Corea had extreme political confusion – some said we should depend on Russia, some on USA, some on Japan and the likes (But I believe there is no permanent friend in international politics).

The Empress that time wanted to be more friendly with Russia, and Japan did not like that. And Japanese government let the gangs to break into the palace to kill the Empress. It was unbelievable international crime but Japan still did not say sorry. The Empress is now called Empress the bright star.

By the Eulsa treaty on November 17th, 1905, Corea lost all her power and sovereignty and by another treaty on August 22nd 1910, Corea officially became a part of Japan and was governed under for thirty five years (August 29th, 1910 to August 15th, 1945).

You have to pay attention to Protestant Churches and a new paper called Chosun. Read http://crinje.blogspot.com/2008/07/kichul-chu.html if possible. The Christian Churches were faithful not to Christ but to Japanese government. And Chosun Daily always praised Japan and Japanese king. The bitch paper also wrote very many times that the Corean youth should die for Japanese king.

[After the World War II]

Let me briefly say about the France and Germany.

Before the World War II, Nazis Germany governed over France. There were of course some French helped Nazis (pro-Nazis French). And after the war, new French government executed them. They spent much time and effort to find out the pro-Nazis French.

Back to Corea, after the World War II, USA and USSR divided the Corea into two by the 38th parallel. That is very bad thing on Corea but there was the very worst thing was coming to Corea.


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