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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Too much caring makes kids fool

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A few weeks ago, I met a mother and her son (both Korean). She has two boys and he was the youngest, and because of that she cares him toooooooooo much.

Because he needed some help and I was not able to get their house, I told her to send him by bus. And she screamed, “No! How can I let him ride a bus alone!”

She said, “He cannot use a bus alone. What if he fell asleep in the bus? What if he got lost in the bus?”

Her son is grade seven. I do not want to believe that grade seven boy cannot get on a bus alone. She has made her son fool by her too much caring.

중학생인데 혼자 버스를 못타는 아이를 만났다. 엄마에게 “혼자 버스 태워 보내세요”라고 했더니, 절대 안된다고 한다. 안심이 안된다고 한다. 불안하다고 한다. 버스에서 애가 잠들면 어쩌냐고 한다. 애가 버스에서 길을 잃으면 어쩌냐고 한다.

아들이 둘 있는데, 둘째 얘기다. 중학생인데 혼자 버스를  못탄다. 과잉 보호가 아이를 망치고 있다.

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