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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Water dump just as in the movies

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Last Friday evening and Saturday morning to afternoon, there was a Discovering Hope Project in my Church and I attended it. Several congregations of Winnipeg Presbyterian Church attended and the host were two ministers from Ontario and my Pastor.

Saturday afternoon, there was great snow fall and strong wind. There was Snow Storm Warning in the city of Winnipeg. I could not even open my eyes while biking, and the snow hit my face and it hurt much.

About five minutes later I left Church, I was biking on the sidewalk, and a pick-up passed me by, splashed, and dumped the much water and ice on me just as in the movies.

I got totally wet. And the frozen clothes’ touching my skin was painful.

This morning, I found that all my hat, ear-muffs, and gloves were still wet, so I could not use them. And biking with bare-hands in this weather like today is kind of crazy and not possible at all.

So I walked to the bus stop at Portage and Spence – whole the roads and sidewalks were so so so bad. It was like a lake. It splashed on every step I made. Yesterday I had Snow Storm Warning, and today I had Wind Warning – the wind was over 70km per hour. 😦

After the Church, Gloria gave me a ride home, but I feel tired now. The sky is very nice now. It is like saying that “I’ve never been bad.” 😡


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