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Friday, 22 February 2008

Double the telephone fee

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Last week, I got telephone bill (so called invoice) and the amount of money was what I cannot understand.

When I applied, the guy at MTS connect surely told me that it would cost $24 a month. It should not be over $30 with taxes. And it was over $70! 😯 😯 😯

In the specification, it says some kind of installation fee but it has two SERVICE CHARGEs. What the!!!

I called MTS (204-CALL-MTS) right away and asked for it.

The woman on MTS call centre said that the fee will be doubled on the first month. What? Was she insane?

She explained to me that on the first month, they charge for two services – what I used for one month and what I will use for next one month in advance. And from the second month, they will charge me for only one month in advance.

I was not sure, so I called the MTS call centre twice again (so I talked to three agents), and they all said the same thing. And

She: When you applied, the one in MTS connect surely explained to you about this.
I: No, NEVER! I heard it for the first time NOW!
She: Well, then I am telling you now.

Oh! 😡 MTS is unkind. I heard that MTS has major market share in Manitoba. That is why they are not kind. I am sure this is their pride, and this pride will hurt themselves.

I just decided not to use MTS for Cable TV or Internet connection later.

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