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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Monarchy is the best

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Throughout the history, mankind made various political and governing systems. Among them, what would be the best?

Most people would say the democracy. Well, I also mostly agree but to say my conclusion first, I think monarchy is the best.

What is the most defective thing of democracy? I think the thing that the term of office expires. Once the the term expires, the governor cannot govern and the ruler cannot rule any more. In my personal thought, I would like President Muhyon Rho do his office more and more but it is not possible and it should not. The biggest defect of democracy is the expiration of the term. Because the government changes regularly, the policy cannot have the consistency.

For your information, I do not regard the constitutional monarchy such as United Kingdom as monarchy but democracy. My monarchy means absolute monarchy.

In the monarchy, there is only one expiration set by heaven which is death. Then, all the policies can go though with the consistency.

One more terrible thing in democracy is the fact that governor should worry about the people – the jerky and stupid people. This means the good policies many times cannot be chosen and run. Because the stupid and silly people tend to choose stupid thing.

People are stupid – they chose Hitler in Germany and they chose MB Lee in Korea. The Sejong the Great who made the Korean Alphabets faced great conflicts. If he had been a president and not king, he would not have been able to create it.

Because the people are stupid and cruel, if they have beautiful poison and ugly healthy food, they would 100% choose the poison. I am sure about this. And they also will be tough to anyone who recommend the healthy food.

But in monarchy, the absolute power can make them silent and do what is really good to them just as a mother force her baby to eat even when he does not want to.

You may think that the dictatorship also have the same merits.

I say NO. Dictatorship and monarchy look alike but there are huge difference in them. No dictators have orthodoxy – for this, he oppresses his people cruelly and abuses his power. Because the power is not his. And he also 100% sacrifices his people and his country for his private profit. I know that Takaki Masao did.

Well of course, monarchy also has many defects and demerits.

The most defective thing of monarchy is that the kingdom could be a paradise and also be a hell according to its governor. If she has good king or queen, then all the defects of monarchy would vanish (not exactly vanish but do not come out), and it is the best political system ever in history with best efficiency. But if she has bad or stupid king, it is just like giving a pistol to fifteen year old crazy and angry boy. It turns into the worst political system ever in human history.

Dictatorship is like the monarchy with bad king and there is no merit in it – not even one thing. This is why I hate Takaki Masao.

Anyway, if it could be made sure that the good kings will continue, I believe the monarchy is far much better system than democracy. But the problem is that it seems not possible to have good kings from generation to generation continually.


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