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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Do not ask of me

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I am not praising myself but I have never had any trouble in Canada for communication which means English. I think it is because I like learning languages and I majored in English.

I talked to a lady (who came to Canada from England twenty years ago) on my first Sunday in Canada when I just spent three days in Toronto:

I: Wow, Canada looks nice.
She: Oh, you just came to Canada?
I: Yes, three days ago.
She: Wow~ Where are you from?
I: I am South Korean.
She: What?!! But you speak E.N.G.L.I.S.H!!!

She saw first time a Korean speaking English well. In fact, only few Koreans here can speak English well. So, the Koreans who saw me speaking English or heard that I speak English well ask of me how they can speak English well. (Of course, some Koreans speak English well)

So, I told them many things and my way of studying English. Wow, they really listened to me keeping all in their minds. Later when I met them by chance, I asked them whether they did my way and did it work…

But, N.O.N.E of them did what I said.

Damn! if they had not followed my advice, they should have not asked of me!

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