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Thursday, 10 January 2008

For whom do you develop and make money?

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I am environmentalist. I think protecting and saving the environment is most important, rather than developing and making money. I cannot understand the people who develop destroying environment. Of course, they cannot understand me.

I am so desperate because MB Lee was elected as the next president of Korea. Partly because he is mean liar, and also partly because he promised to make a great canal throughout Korea – which means great destruction of environment.

I saw many doctors and professors saying canal construction would make the environment better in TV. I want to dig the grave for them all. They are lying to all the Korean people and licking the ass hole of the power.

Let’s say that the Korean great canal would bring mountainous wealth to you Koreans (for the Koreans voted for MB Lee shouting money money money). And of course the environment is destroyed perfectly.

I want to ask of the parents in Korea who voted for him, why do you want to make much money? probably because they want to educate their kids better using the money, and they also probably want to inherit the money to their kids. Well, they will inherit the air and water which they could not even breathe and drink. Do you think it for your kids?

You may say I am going to far and magnify the small matter. But the environment and the ecosystem is the chain of links. It is like the castle built by poker cards. If you hit one corner of it, the whole castle would fall down by the domino effect.

You, of course, inherit the money, science, technology…. But what you should inherit most to your sons and daughters, and what you should protect and save most is the very environment itself.

What is most important is environment (except Christian faith). It is most precious. Why? Because we live in it, we live on it, and we live by it. And above all, our sons and daughters also have to live in it, live on it, and live by it.

Let’s keep, protect, and save the environment more than anything else! Well, I came to Canada, and I do not want to care what you Koreans do – digging teh canal or destroying the environment completely.


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  1. Ass Round Ass Tight Ass

    I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you got good point of view

    Trackback by Ass Round Ass Tight Ass — Friday, 8 February 2008 @ 23:27 | Reply

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