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Friday, 4 January 2008

ESL in Quebec?

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I met two Korean students who hate Manitoba so much. I had several walks with one of them and talked… (FYI, it is she and several years younger than I)

I: Why do you hate Manitoba so much?
She: It has no fun, no mountain. Quebec is not like here.
I: Oh, you were in Quebec. What kind of fun Quebec has?
She: They have festivals every day, and events every day, and the likes. I don’t understand why people live here in Manitoba. And the Quebec people are also fun.
I: How are the Quebecois fun?
She: They dress in unique and fashion, there are many gays, I also saw some people wearing a lizard on his head like a hat.

Then I thought her taste has mental problem that she like many gays and wearing lizard on the head…. B U T

I: How long had you been in Quebec?
She: About one year.
I: What did you do there?
She: I was in school for language course.
I: You studied French?
She: No. My language course was ESL. (English as a Second Language)

Now, I realised that her taste has not a mental problem, but she has mental problem that she went to Quebec to study English!!

As you know, Quebecois speak French, and out of the downtown of Montreal, they do not understand English. In other parts of Canada we have traffic signs in both languages of English and French, but in Quebec I saw French signs most. So when I visited Quebec with my friends, I drove in Quebec for I can read French.

Well, frankly speaking, people come and go to English speaking country to learn English because they can learn more in the daily activities. Not only in time of class, but also in daily activities such as buying things in the store, getting on the bus.

But, in Quebec, what is different from Korea? The students speak and learn English only in classroom, and out of the classroom, they speak French instead of Korean….

Studying English in Quebec is like studying English from Italian chef!!! (This is famous saying from Sori Ok, the ex-movie star in Korea)

Well, well, well… Various people, unique people, they give me fun fun fun. 🙂


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