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Friday, 28 December 2007

Beautiful scene

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I remember it was 16 December. I was walking along the Westwood Drive towards the church before the sun rise.

There was no one on the streets and the world was covered with pure white snow and with perfect silence. Even without the sun light, the world was bright enough. I was making my foot prints on the snow where on one stepped on yet after the last snow fall. Each step made merry sound and it also felt good. The world was getting brighter but still in slight dimness.

I looked up the colourful lights decorating the houses for Christmas. Down on the snow, I saw thousands of sparkling stars on it reflecting the lights. It was just like I have millions of small diamonds in the snow. And all the sparkling and flashing stars were dancing along with me as I was walking.

I could not even breathe with the beauty of the scene. Because of the great impression, I could not help but weeping. Tears flowed down and they froze right away on my cheeks.

I realised that there is no proper word to describe this beauty – not only in English but also in Korean and in Japanese.

Oh God, how beautiful this world you created is!

If the world He made is this beautiful, then how much more the Maker of it would be beautiful! Thank God for this beautiful world!


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