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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Am I trouble maker?

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I made some troubles here these days…

First, just before I came out of the boarding house, I was make the lines neat and clean, and I touched the TV set and it fell down. And the right under part of it was broken. 😦

But thanks to God, the hostess said OK. 🙂

Second thing, happened at the next suite of this apartment. The fridge there had so much ice in the inside wall of it so that she had little space to store her foods. So I helped and picked the ice out. And I made a mistake to pick the freon line. The line broke and all the freon gas escaped out and the fridger stopped working. (It sure was freon gas because the fridge was older than I)

And she told me that she would say to the care-taker that “Jemyoung broke my fridge.” Oh my God!!! And she told the care-taker. What she wanted to tell was “My fridge was dead, and Jemyoung did it,” but when she said, “My fridge was dead,” the care-taker just replied, “OK, we will give you new one.” Oh, thank God so much!!!

Third is, in my new apartment I toasted my breads and the second bread was over-burnt. And suddenly there was fire alarm, and all the people in my apartment ran out. 😦 I found that the smoke alarms are too sensitive and all new comers experience it.

For the last thing, once I visited to an senior couple’s home several weeks ago. Just before I left them, they gave me two bus tickets because they wanted to help me for I was riding the bicycle always. I was so grateful and thankful for them.

But when I got on the bus and put the ticket in the box next to the driver, he looked at me from top to bottom TWICE! I had no idea what was wrong. But when I got home, I saw the other ticket and found out it is written, “Senior +65.”

Am I trouble maker? Could be but not malicious, I believe. 🙂

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