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Thursday, 13 September 2007

How to change Korean licence to Canada(Manitoba) one

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Some foreigner such as Korean can get Canadian driver’s licence by changing his or her home country’s. I exchanged mine in Ontario, but I also saw many people did it in Manitoba too.

Actually, it is easier in Ontario. I will tell you why later.

Anyway, you need the following things to exchange your foreign licence to Manitoba’s:

  • To confirm the driving licence (submit both in below):
    • Driver’s Licence Card of your home country
    • Translation of it: If your country’s language is not English, you need some document that certifies your licence card in English. It should not exceed three months since it is issued, and should be in English. For Koreans, they can get it at any police station.
  • To confirm the legal status in Canada (submit both in below):
    • Passport (should be valid)
    • Visa (One of the three in below)
      • Visitor Record: You may need to show them your VISA and immigration stamp. If you do not need a VISA such as Korean, you should tell this to the officer and he or she could call the immigration office to check it. You would get the driver’s licence which expires on that date of your VISA expiration. For example, Korean visiting period is six months.
      • Study Permit: Show your study permit and you would get the driver’s licence which expires on that date your permit expires.
      • Work Permit: Show your study permit and you would get the driver’s licence which expires on that date your permit expires.
  • To confirm the address (Submit two of the below)
    • Utility bill (Water, hydro …)
    • Vehicle registration card
    • Bank statement (Go to the bank and ask for it)
    • Mortgage document
    • Residential lease
    • Personal income tax document
    • Employment confirmation
    • Social assistance benefit confirmation
    • Licence to Possess and Acquire Firearms

Well, among the above, the documents for address are most difficult to get for those who just came into Canada. If you are new comer to Canada, you would not have a Utility bill and residential lease (for you may live in a hotel), or mortgage document, firearm licence, and vehicle registration, too. Actually, it is not easy to open an bank account without driver’s licence.

Anyway, just prepare two of the documents above.

The reason why it is easier in Ontario is that they do not require the documents for confirming address. So you can go to Ontario to get driver’s licence and come back to Manitoba when you have settled enough to get some of the documents.

But who would do that? Most people come to Manitoba, and then leave for Ontario or B.C.

One of the major reason for the people not to love Manitoba as their landing place is that the government requires much more and they are not flexible.

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