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Monday, 3 September 2007

Do not hide it (2)

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In my boarding house, there is a laundry machine in the basement. Anyone can use it for free but each one should use his or her own detergent.

Well, 99% of new comers to this house do not have a detergent. And most of them ask of me for it.

There was a Mrs who came to this house several days ago with her husband and two sons. She went out to an apartment yesterday. And the day before yesterday, she used the laundry machine and asked of me for detergent. (Why almost everybody asks of me for it?) Of course I borrowed her it, and a little bit later she gave it back to me saying thank me.

I wash my cloths once a week, and I did it today. And I was so surprised. Last week (that is to say, before I borrowed her the detergent box), there was over 2/3 box of detergent, and TODAY, there is less than 1/3 box! What the hell is this?

It was so weird and strange, and I went down to the basement, and I saw the spilt detergent flours. Aha…! I knew what happened.

I became so unpleasant. What the hell is this? Oh, she maybe thought that she would not see me again from one day after. I do not kill her even though she says the truth that she spilt the detergent. Bad Korean Mrs, and bad Korean girl. Damn it!

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