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Friday, 31 August 2007

Pony Corral

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Last Saturday, 25th August, I and Mick went to Licence Test Centre at 1006 Nairn Avenue to look around the route of road test.

And just before noon, we went into Pony Corral next to the Test Centre, and I ordered Ham & Cheese Omelette in the breakfast menu.

Well, isn’t it normal to serve the breakfast with less food than other meals?

Pony Corral

This photo was taken from inside for outside.

Anyway, they served me the dish – Wow, this is not human’s meal. They gave me my ONE DAY meal.

I tried to eat them all, but I was not able to eat even half of it. So I asked them to pack it to take away. 🙂

Well, this restaurant served me fair taste. I thought the price was a little bit high, but if you think about the taste and the amount of food, that is not expensive.

And I was surprised to see that Mick left five dollar on the table as a tip! If I should give such big tip, I will always eat McDonald’s. 😦

In Korea, there is nothing like tip. No, not at all. Well, in some good western restaurants, there are actually tips, but in different way. We do not put money on the table – the tip in included in the price. So you just pay food price, tax, and tip at once.

I heard some episode:

In a normal Korean restaurant in Seoul, there was a foreign customer and when he finished his meal, he left a bill in the table as a tip (just as he did in his home country).

But when the server found the money on the table as cleaning up it, she ran to the foreigner, shouting

“Mister, mister, you forgot your money. You left your money on the table!”

And she gave the money to him with her smiles.

This happened because she never had a tip before, and had no idea what tip is. 🙂


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