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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Summer Children’s Programme in Westwood Presbyterian Church

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Last week, Summer Children’s Programme was held in Westwood Presbyterian Church. It was from Monday to Friday, and I went there Thursday just to watch. Well, it was not so much different in my eyes.

The kids are the same in Korea or in Canada. One thing – the white little girls look more cute.

Children’s Programme 1 Children’s Programme 3

There were many stuffs prepared for the kids. The news papers are useful in all countries. 🙂

I was looking here and there before the programme began, and I saw the pastor cutting the water melon. Well, I went there just to watch, but I cut it into pieces. The knife was so bad. 😦

Children’s Programme 4

The kids were gathered at Chris Vais Room(named after the ex-pastor), and went to the Sanctuary for worship and sermon. After the worship and sermon, we came back to Christ Vais Room. The man standing is Rev. Peter Bush and next to him is his wife.

In Korea, there were so many kids, many helpers. Here 38 in average kids attended, and as helper – Pastor, his wife, two old ladies, and a girl.

Children’s Programme 2

We did some drawing, and craft in the Chris Vais Room and had some drink with water melon. And then we went out to the grass and played. I went there just to watch but I played with them and had much fun. I became so friendly with the kids. 🙂

Children’s Programme 5

This church has wide grass as is all around Canada. This grass is very good for the kids to have some foods and to play with safety. I envied it so much.

In the field, I really became friendly with the kids – Erin, Jaydeson, Taylor, Eve, and some other kids that I do not remember the name.


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