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Friday, 17 August 2007

Folklorama: Mexico

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At the Friday of Folklorama’s first week, I went to Mexican pavilion.

I arrived there ten or fifteen minutes before the show time. But they would not let the people in even though the time was passed the show time. I and all the other people waited about two hours.

I was very upset for the show began two hours later than it should. But no one was complaining about that, and that was so strange.

Mexico 01

This is the picture of inside of the Mexican pavilion.

Mexico 02

Three people introduced each programme, and the little boy in the centre spoke so well. I found that there is no beauty in the Mexican pavilion. Look at the girls, they were the very most beautiful ones there. Later, the girl in the right forgot her line, and she did not frustrated, but just said “It is because too much tequila.” That was nice.

Mexico 03

The first programme was children’s dance. Well, in Mexico, there is no difference between the dances of children and adults. Males danced with their hands back, and females danced with shaking their long skirts. Their dances were not interesting because I was angry.

Mexico 04Mexico 05

See? This is adults’ dance which is the same as children’s. All men were dancing with their hands back while all women were dancing shaking their long skirts. These are so simple.

Mexico 06

Well, women’s dress and skirts were splendid. They looked like a mosaic of stained glasss in a temple of middle age. But the most discouraging thing was that there was no girl beautiful. No beauty, no exciting nor interesting.

They danced all like this! Shit! (Remember that I was angry with two hours’ waiting)

Mexico 07

And then they brought some people up to the stage, and danced together, and played something like a train play. I thought the show was over. And it made me more angry and upset. “Damn! They let me wait two hours just to show me this bull shits!” I thought.

Mexico 08

But, But, But. That was the new start. Now, they showed me different thing which was not a traditional but better. So, I took the movie clip only one in other pavilion, I took three more clips in Mexican pavilion. All they are precious.

Yes, they are amazing!

Then other team came out and danced. These dances are to be in Brazil pavilion. 🙂

And then the first team came out again and danced. But theirs is more like a circus rather than a dance.

Suddenly I forgave the two hours’ waiting at all. I can wait two hours for this wonderful show. 🙂

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