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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Anyone is missionary

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There was a man named CW Yoo who is with YB Lee.

I helped the two – we rented cars to find a company and to go there for job interview where I translated for them. And we used several more transportation. And they just let me pay my transportation fee. I spent my money, I spent my time, and they took it for granted. Damn it.

Anyway, once I helped him packing and saw a document – that was “Appointment of Missionary.” Frankly speaking, I was pretty shocked.

Why anyone is missionary if he go abroad? I have no idea how CW Yoo was faithful in his Church in Korea, but he did not go to church. When I said to him, let us go to church, he became upset, and said “You don’t mind.” And he stayed home watching TV and sleeping.

Can he be a missionary?

This is the problem, the church appoints anyone who goes abroad as a missionary. He who goes abroad to work is a missionary. He who goes abroad for sightseeing is a missionary. He who goes abroad for volunteer job is a missionary too.

A missionary is a man who preaching Christ risking his life. If his purpose is not 100% pure mission, he cannot be a missionary. Well, he may work to fund himself of the missionary work.

A missionary should not deny his death when he faces the threat of death. If a missionary begs his life, he is not a missionary nor a true christian.

I have no idea which church CW Yoo attended in Korea, but that church is miserable and hopeless.

SI Kim who was beheaded in Iraq begged his life with crying, and killed. He is not a true missionary. He is not a true christian.

Please, church! Please appoint the true christian who would not spare his life as a missionary.


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