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Monday, 13 August 2007

What is a good movie?

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These days, the movie D War makes great debate in Korea.

In my home stay, there is a man called Teacher Han who was an English teacher in Busan, Korea. He is studying English Teaching here in Winnipeg.

At first, he spoke for D War. He raised his voice that why the Korean movie makers do not help HR Shim (the director of D War), just criticise him.

After seeing 100 minutes discussion, he changed his thought 180 degree.

He now says that D War is nothing but garbage without a story or plot. He says D War does not have anything which is mandatory for a movie. There is no philosophy, nothing but CG, it is nothing but the gathering of starting clips of video games.

Oh my God. He does not have his own thought.

Anyway, in my opinion, good movie is entertaining his customers. Movie, especially Blockbuster is like a entertainer. An entertainer should make his customers laugh and enjoy in any means. Then he is a good entertainer. An entertainer should not dare try to give a boring sermon. A sermon should be done by a pastor.

A movie’s main duty is entertaining her customers. If the customers have fun, any story, any plot is not needed. If the customers do not have fun because of the lack of story and plot, it is bad movie. But if the customers enjoy it, it is good movie. Story and plot are accessory, not necessary.

A car made for race does not have to have an Air conditioning, Radio, and MP3 player. If it has, it is better. But not necessary.

The customers expect different things on different genre of movie. They expect bursting and destroying for blockbuster. They expect true love for melodrama. They expect laughter for comic movies. If a movie satisfies her customers’ expectation, she is good movie. If not, she is bad movie.

Does a blockbuster need a wonderful story and plot, and a brain teasing things? I do not think so, but the judgement is on the customers.

The judgement of movie is on the customers and they judge it by the number of watchers.

Movie is an industry too, so in the view point of movie makers, a good movie is a movie that makes much money. So, even though the aspect is different, a customers’ good movie is eventually a movie makers’ good movie.

A movie reviewers should not judge a movie by themselves. They should just explain why people love this movie, or hate that movie. The worst movie reviewer criticise even the customers when they reacts against his review.

A customer is the king. Movie makers are servants. Reviews are servants too. A servant should not ignore his king.

I did not see D War yet for it is not yet on screen in Canada, it must be a good movie for it has great many number of viewers.

When I said this, Teacher Han sighed, and asked of me with his angry voice:

“Do you think we can call HR Shim a movie director?”

Well, I do not care he is called a director or not, so I said that I did not care. And he said again:

“So, you are not HR Shim’s side. Right? Then alright.”

What the hell is that? What matters me to be his side or not? Then, what is alright? Why Canada has so many strange Koreans?

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