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Monday, 13 August 2007

North of Winnipeg

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August 5th.

With Mr. Hur, I drove to the north of Winnipeg. A few minutes driving along the Main Street took me to China town.

China TownChina Town

Winnipeg is small city, so the China town also is small, nothing special. But I can feel the Chinese culture a little. There are so many Chinese in Canada – If you call a big company, an answering machine will take it. The ARS says English and French of course because they are official language in Canada, and most of ARS says Chinese too.

China Town

A little more driving to the north, I got suburban.

North of Winnipeg

Is this a Church or not? A little more to the north, I saw a nice village. I think it would be good to have a house there.

North of Winnipeg

Nice and peaceful village.

VJ Inn

We went back to Main and Broadway and had hamburger at VJ inn. They serve delicious burgers, but they deceive sometimes.

We ordered two burgers (double cheese and special), a coke, a milkshake, and a french fry. They said it costed 19.xx dollar. Mr. Hur asked of them for a receipt for he thought the price was strange. They just said that they calculated incorrectly, and the price was 16.xx dollar. They wrote the receipt by their hands.

Well, I may need calculator for these small stores.


After the dinner, we went to folklorama pavilions. Folklorama is a big festival in Winnipeg lasting two week, it has many pavilions of many cultures and peoples.


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