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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Sons of a BITCH

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There is a man named YB Lee who came to Winnipeg from Toronto with me, and went back to Toronto now.

He drove a truck in Korea, and looking for a job here in Canada. Well, he does not speak English.

So I helped him so much find a job spending so much of my precious time. I searched the companies, I brought them, and translated the job interview. I brought them to about thirty companies.

I helped him because I had pity on them. Fuck! He did not even say a word of thanking, and moreover, took my help for granted. And he is so stubborn too.

When I found a company, and tell him to go, he looked so unwilling. He looked like he goes for me.

I will not help and deal with any Korean who cannot speak English. If help them ten times, they take it for granted. And If I cannot help once, they regard me as an enemy.

This is one of the most damn situation with him. I was went with him to Portage La Prairie, and they were talking about English. YB Lee said,

“The Koreans have different oral structure, different gene, so they cannot pronounce English just like Canadians.”

What the fuck is this? If so, how can a Korean boy born in Canada or came to Canada in his early days pronounce just same as the Canadians? So I said to him that he was wrong.

Then he screamed and shouted to me suddenly.

“Shut up! What do you know about this?”

Shit! Jerk! Who would know better about this matter, you who never seen even a gate of University and cannot speak English at all, or I who studied in the University about not English but English Linguistics for over four years?

Damn! I do not like Koreans. Of course there are nice and good Koreans, but there are too many fucking and ugly Koreans. I will never deal with any Korean who cannot speak English.


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