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Thursday, 9 August 2007


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In REDTI, there is an instructor named Russ from Ukraine.

Well, he is good and skilled driver. I do not think him a bad guy, but there are huge thing wrong in his way and method of instructing.

Below is my complaint which I submitted to the school:

At the very first day of Reimer Express Driver Training Institute, I was taught that “Good Attitude” is one of the most important thing for professional driver.

I do believe that it is also one of the most important thing for professional INSTRUCTOR.

But as long as I felt and experienced, the attitude of Instructor Russ is nothing but Rude, Offensive, Insulting, Scornful, Synical and Impatient.

When my team (I, Mick, and Muzzafar) met Russ first, Mick did Pre trip inspection. The next day, I did. And it was the very first pre trip inspection for me, so I was bad about it. Then Russ said to me,

Even my little daughter is smarter than you.

Wel, she could be, but that was apparently insulting word. And the other people there all heard. I did feel insulted.

Insulting students cannot be a way of INSTRUCTING.

Whenever I make mistake, Russ forces me to explain it. When I was in wrong lane, he said to me very offensively,

“Tell me why. Tell me, tell me. Why did you do that? Tell me, tell me.”

He said that several times but I had nothing to say because that was mistake, not my intended action. But he kept forcing me.

“Tell me, t-e-l-l m-e. Say something. Why? S-a-y s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g!!! Why? Why? Stop the vehicle over there.”

And I stopped the truck. He said again.

“Now tell me. Why d-i-d you d-o t-h-a-t? Tell me. You must have good reason. S-a-y s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g, tell me. You poker face, tell me, say something!”

This is how he instructs his students. I hate it. I mean, I do hate this way of instructing.

He is very impatient. Whenever I make a single mistake, he scolds me on the very spot. He never allows me a little mistake. Of course, I am not perfect. That is why I am learning. A professional driver should not make a mistake, but learner can.

Russ is very good at scorning and mocking. He loves to speak Harsh words to his students, or at least to me.

Once I saw a red light and did downshifting. While doing that, the signal turned into green. But I missed the gear, and stopped to put it in first gear.

And he said, “You always stop at green light.” And he mentioned it four more times later.

All the other instructors encourage me at the end of the day saying, “You did well but you need more exercise. You are better than yesterday” even though I made many mistakes that day.

But Russ never encourages me at any time. In spite, he discourages me by scorning, insulting, and by saying, “You cannot learn.”

This is apparently not professional attitude for instructors.

It took me at least three days to understand the pronunciation of Russ. He was mad at me and shouted, “You never listen to me.” But it is impossible to say “Pardon” on his every single word. Even Mick, the native English speaker, told me that he also had hard time to understand his pronunciation.

Once he said “light” when I was driving. But there was nothing wrong with the lights. He said “light” several more times, and he shouted “turn this way” pointing by his finger.

I felt almost always insulted with Russ. And for that, I am not easy nor comfortable with him. Because of that fact, I make double or triple mistakes with him than with other instructors.

And also I cannot learn enough and properly with him.

I did not pay to be insulted.

What I want and require:

  • Official apology from Russ
  • Never assign him to me again as a instructor nor examiner for final term exam.

What I suggest:

  • It is very common in South Korea’s university for the students to evaluate their instructors and professors at the end of the term.
  • The university’s office refers to it and it is very helpful.
  • I think REDTI needs this too.

Mick and I went together and he signed on my paper that he agrees. The conclusion is that the school will not give me Russ any more.

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