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Tuesday, 7 August 2007


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June 2nd.

I went to Wal mart and bought a bicycle. I thought I can go everywhere in Winnipeg for it is not big city. Let me say the good things of bicycle.

First of all, it is good exercise. If you ride bicycle everyday, you will be so healthy.

And bicycle does not make a pollution. Bicycle will save the world, not superman.

Finally, I can say of the economy. It costed me 128 dollar including taxes. Well, winnipeg’s bus costs toonie. If I go somewhere everyday, the bus fee would be 120 dollar for thirty days. Well, I go not only one place, the bicycle price could be paid back for one month. And the next month, I can save the bus fee.

It takes me about one hour to the church on bicycle. Round trip does two hours.

It takes me slightly more than thirty minutes. Round trip does about an hour and ten minutes.

The bad thing of my bicycle is that it is too heavy for it was one of the cheapest one. And it shifts up automatically. You may think it cool, but it is problem.

Now I have ridden bicycle for over two months. I ride it every day, and now I can ride it without grabbing the handle. Not only go straight, but also I can turn left and right without grabbing the handle.

I like bicycle.


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