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Monday, 6 August 2007

Highway and animal

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In Canada, I ran on highway many times. There are many things different on the highway in Canada from them in Korea.

Of course, the highways in Ontario is different from those in Manitoba. The highways in Ontario go up and down, and is wound left and right. In Manitoba, they are just straight to the horizon.


Now, on the Canadian highway, you will not see anything even though you run several or scores of hours. So if you do not fuel up properly, you will have great trouble. If your car stops in the midst of the highway, you cannot find a gas station, you cannot use your cell phone, and you cannot ask for help because there are almost no cars passing.

All you can do is just wait for a car passing through, and if it is winter, you are in more desperate situation.

Running on the highway, you may see so many bugs bumping on your windshield especially in spring and summer. You can see the bugs, which are big as your thumb, bumping and burst on your windshield continuously. It is not pleasant to see the bug’s blood flowing on your windshield.

There are also another danger. So many animals like bears, deers, mooses, and others whose name I do not know are challenging on the highway. If you collide with a small deer, your bumper and front part of your car will be just gone.

Seeing animals on highway is one big difference from Korea.


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