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Saturday, 4 August 2007


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May 2nd, I started toward West with three people. It was Dodge Caravan which is not good.

After leaving Toronto, I got Highway 400 and arrived at Sudbury, Ontario. I did not get any rest and got Highway 17.

And drove a lot to get Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We ate Wendy’s burger, and took some rest. We kept going. When I got a small town, I tried to fuel up but all the gas station was shut. So I had to rest and wait several hours.

Then I got Thunder Bay, Ontario. We took some rest and Tim Horton’s coffee and started journey again.

I left Ontario spending almost two full days. And then I arrived at Winnipeg in two hours. And went to boarding house.

The distance between Toronto and Winnipeg is about 2100km. It is approximately six times of Seoul and Pusan.

And when I went back to Toronto, I got Westjet flight. It took just two hours. 😦


When I got on the plane, I glanced the cockpit, then the pilot promised me he will show it when we got Toronto.


In Pearson Toronto International Airport, I sat on the cockpit for the first time in my entire life.

May 21st, I came to Winnipeg again by flight. This time to settle down here.

The first impression of Winnipeg is “There is Nothing,” and “So Wide Sky.” It looks like:


But I was surprised to see something like below:


The house below is where I am staying. It was built about hundred years ago.


Well, it is not so clean but OK.


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