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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Jiyoung, happy housewife

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Last Thursday, I met Jiyoung. She already has two daughters and is bringing up one more in her womb. She is about to be the mother of three children, and she still looks so young just as she was.

Married women, without concerning how long their marriage is, say difficulties of marriage, and complains about their husbands if they are not just married. I think it is natural to have troubles because the two, who lives apart for whole life, live together.

Jiyoung was a bit different. She did not stop praising her husband, and also said so good of her mother-in-law, and showed some kind of respect to her. This looked so good to me, and I also became a bit happy.
Her first daughter, Seunghee Hwang, whose name only is pretty but with the family name not so pretty, came back from her kindergarten. Jiyoung said that Eunsook is working just over the river, across the bridge.

Seunghee is very cute and pretty, resembling her mother, Jiyoung. She at the first sight looked like that she is afraid of me, and did not say hello to me. But later, she became farmiliar to me so that we can walk hand in hand. πŸ™‚
We got the build where Eunsook works and called her cell phone to surprise her. And she said, “I don’t work there now.” 😦

We went to her new work place for there is not so far from her old work place. She could not make long break, we just stopped by a convenient store to drink something, and she had short conversation. Eunsook also looks just as she was. Well, she does not have a baby yet.

I hope all woment around me happy.

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