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Sunday, 25 February 2007

Mr. Pizza and Grand Prix

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I went to Mr. Pizza, Mogdong. When I go for pizza, I go to Mr. Pizza if possible because the pizza of Mr. Pizza is far much better than that of Pizza Hut.

Mr. Pizza has two major charicteristics. One is that their pizza has less oil and not greasy which make the taste better. And the other is almost all Mr. Pizza’s crews are not kind. I visited and ate at so many Mr. Pizza store, and found no store where the crews were kind and nice.

But, Mr. Pizza, Mogdong store was different. The smile of crew who welcomed us were also different. The voice of the crew  who guided us to the table was different. It was so strange and I was frightened. I thought I went to wrong place where is not Mr. Pizza. 🙂

At other store, the crew would not come even when I called them. At mogdong store, they ran to me when I lift my head to order after seeing the menu book. They checked my cup is empty or not continually. They were watching every and each customers.

Wow, it was the first kindness that I faced at Mr. Pizza.

I ate Grand Prix for the first time, yesterday. Grand Prix is the brand new pizza from Mr. Pizza. Well, I ate usually Secret Garden.


The half of the topping of Grand Prix was of shrimp, and the other half was of potato. The bread around the pizza was european cookie.

Well, I want to give four and half stars (Max. five). It has really less oil and is not greasy. I love it. The dipping sources were also so great. Mr. Pizza has never disappointed me with its taste.

What should I do for I cannot eat Mr. Pizza any more in Canada…. 🙂


  1. I love Mr. Pizza… My fav… Did you anytime tried Mr. Pizza at Children’s Park or Konkuk University? Crew is good there *^^*

    Comment by Mukesh — Thursday, 17 May 2007 @ 11:20 | Reply

  2. that looks really gross but thats my opinion presentation wise hahaha but aw well it still food!!!!

    Comment by Luresa — Tuesday, 27 November 2007 @ 14:45 | Reply

  3. hmmmm…very interesting!
    Thanks google

    Comment by Hit — Tuesday, 15 January 2008 @ 13:21 | Reply

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