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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

In memory of my father: 006. Bullet disappeared

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In the Korean war, the red army kept winning all the battles and took all the land of south Korea except around Busan before UN joined the war.

My fathers home was at near south east coast in south Jolla, and the red army came into my fathers village. The soldiers took several young men, the sons of the rich to kill, and my father was there with his younger brother.

The soldiers lined up the people side by side, and they began to shoot. One man in the leftmost fell down with band sound. My father closed his eyes.

A little bit later, he heard another bang, and shortly heard the sound of falling to the grass. His heart began to beat with great tempo – faster and faster. He could not count how many people fell. “This is the end of my life,” he thought.

One more bang and falling sound hit his ears. That was his younger brother. His legs trembled with fear. “God, if you rescue me, I will devote my entire life, I will life for you,” he prayed quietly in his heart.

He opened his eyes and saw his brother’s body with blood. He also saw the soldier pointing him with a gun. He closed his eyes again. He felt the tears flowing down. Each and every second was like an hour.

My father heard another and last band sound…

He did not feel anything, and heard people’s noise murmuring. He opened his eyes again and saw the soldiers being so much astonished and surprised. He was able to hear the words of the soldiers. The one who shot to my father said, “I surely shot, and I saw the bullet flying, and just DISAPPEAR!

And the soldiers began to run and flee. My father and the ones who were lined up at the right side of my father lived and were not killed.

After that, my father forgot his pledge to God completely until God called him again. God is so gracious to forgive such one like my father. 🙂 I praise God and Jesus, my Saviour.

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