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Saturday, 27 January 2007

I saw my father in a dream

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19 January 1998, I saw my father in my dream. 

My house was very very huge and the buildings were look like gothic as a palace of europe in middle age. In front of the main building, there was a garden so big – it was so big as the size of 700 soccer playgrounds. The shape of the garden was round, and a stand was around it as is in a school’s playground.

There were several problems in my house, and someone said that we need repair – I alone was against that opinion because we had just little money and I thought we can repair later when we have enough money. I don’t remember all details in the dream, but all my family and all my sisters inclusive of those who is married were living with me in one house.

And, 2nd sister repaired all the house without telling me anything. There was no conflict with me concerning the repairs except only one – concerning the repair of the garden’s stand. Before the repair, the grasses on the stand were black dotted and dirty. After the repair, they were replaced with very clean and pure grasses.

I was so mad and shouted to that sister saying we must spend so much money for we replaced all this great amount of grass at once. But she did not react, just listening. When I was shouting and angry, all my family were with me, and around us, there were so many guest. The invited (by us) guests filled the so huge house!

That time, my father called me. He was sitting just behind me. He told me with his unexpected voice. His voice was so tender, soft, gentle and calm. It was like a sound of spring wind. It was like a sound of flowing water gently. His voice was so pure and clear. He just told me with that voice which I never heard in his life time – his voice had been always like a thunder. He told me not to do that to my sister with his tender voice.

He was reading a book which my 2nd sister bought when she repaired the house. The book was nothing but Ten Commandments, and it was so thick. The thickness was 30cm, width was 40cm, and length was 55cm.

So thick book was not made of papers but candle. When I saw the side of the book, it has ten parts with different colours, and each part was each commandment.

Reading the book of Ten Commandments, he said and explained to me. I thought that book looked like a telephone directory – and its papers were really so thin.

In the first page, the Commandment no.1 was written in so large scale and it filled the whole page. And from the next page, the explanation was written in small font size which looked like 5 point size. There was no paper margin. It was very much amount for it filled the whole part.

One part is 3cm thickness, papers were so thin, no paper margin, and letters in small font size filled the back and forth of each and every paper. Ah, there was also no line space – the lines met each other.

Taking the book of the Ten Commandments in his hands, he said to me. I woke up listening to him. This is the one and only dream of mine which I saw my father. In that dream, my father was very young (he looked like in his twenties) and clean and pure.

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