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Thursday, 25 January 2007

Return of emigrant 2 generation

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I looked around and found several 2 generation of emigrant. (When someone goes abroad, we call him emigrant, and his children will be 2 generation) The boss of current company, and several friends of mine are also emigrant 2 generations. I had no idea but I realised that they had not been here with me – they just returned.

Their parents had left this land, and why did they return? Well, I thought again to find that they are not 2 generation, but 1.5 generation – They had left this land with their parents in their early days. They came back in their adult days. Why?

Their parents left this land because they had difficulties here, or those place offered better situation. If so, their children might come back for the same reason – they found better situation here in this land. Then, I wonder why this land is worse for their parents while is better for them.

In my view, they have some differences. They have the background named “foreign” which could be a great merit in Korea where all people admires foreign. And they can speak English (or other foreign language) as native speakers.

The merits of these two things are beyond description. Korean society shows wonderful praises and admiration to those who have these things. And above these, 1.5 generations who experienced Korean in their early days are already accustomed to Korean cultures, and they would never be discriminated because of their skin colour or shape of face. So, Korea would be best place for them to live, I think.

And I looked into the 1.5 generations around me carefully – Could they have identical social status to here if they had been in their land? I don’t think so. They are just normal asians. They are nothing but coloured race.

Well, I also am planning to go abroad, leaving this land – But their returns do not seem good.

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