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Tuesday, 16 January 2007

In memory of my father: 005. Crossing the river

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In the Korean war, which is called 6.25 in Korea because the war had begun 25 June, almost everyone including my father had to flee from the North Korea‘s red army led by Ilsung Kim.

On the way, my father and other people faced a small river where there was no bridge. That time was just after a heavy rain, and the water flew with great speed. But people could not hesitate for the red army was following them.

My father stepped into the water first, and others followed. He crossed the river praying “God, please save me.” Crossing the river was very dangerous.

When he finished crossing the small river, he was very surprised and astonished. No one succeeded to cross the river but him. Some of them were drowned. Some of them were washed out on the rapid flow. And some of them began just to be killed by the red army.

Only my father alone survived!

I don’t know where the small river was, neither my father knew. All that I know is that my father alone survived there. I praise God for saving my father. God saved my father alone because He chose my father to be His people.

I give all my praise and honour and glory to God and Jesus Christ for choosing and saving my father and me also.

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