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Tuesday, 2 January 2007

In memory of my father: 003. First shock

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My father had two older brothers, a older sister, and two younger sisters.

It is told that his youngest sister was a great beauty with dark long hair. Almost all young man admired her, and at last, there was a rumour saying a young man in the village and she were going with each other.

Those days were very severe and strict in sexual aspect, and it was a rule to keep – A man and woman older than seven years should not even sit together (男女七歲不同席: Nam-Yeo-Chil-Se-Bu-Dong-Seok: Man-Woman-Seven-Year-Not-Same-Seat).

When she knew about the rumour, she felt great shame which she could not bear and which drove her to suicide in the end.

The death of his dearest sister was great shock to him even though it is common and normal at those days for women to keep her dignity and sexual cleanness by killing themselves.

Her death was his first great mental shock in his entire life. I don’t know how he overcame it – probably the time rescued him.

Through the history of my family over 2,000 years, Jesus chose my father only. I thank Jesus.

Among all the six children of my grandfather, Jesus chose my father only. I thank Jesus again. Not only my suicided aunt, but also all other uncles (the other two aunts are alive) must be in hell for they did not believe in Jesus. I give my thanks again and again to Jesus.

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