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Sunday, 31 December 2006

Let’s be faithful to basis in 2007

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2006 ends today, and a few hours later 2007 begins.

Now, sending away 2006 and taking in 2007, I have a resolution – “Let’s be a man faithful to basis from 2007.

Many Koreans say and hear to be faithful to basis because they are not. I know several car mechanics for I also studied car repair. Some of them works at Korean auto repair shop and some at German car’s Korean office. Let me say some episodes.

Episode 1: Korean’s car repair

A friend of mine working at a Hyundai car repair shop saw this. His colleague repaired and fixed the wheel of a customer’s car. One hour later, the car came again towed. That wheel pulled out driving. That is really non-sense. It is possible in Korea. Korean mechanics don’t use torque wrench. Their repair depends on their hand-feeling. So it could be screwed too tight or too loose.

Episode 2: German’s car repair

A German car which sold well in Korea. A engineer from Germany works together teaching several skills to Korean mechanics. He forbids everyone in the shop to use impelled drivers. When he finished saying, he heard a electric driver noise from a corner of the shop. 😦

When he replaces a break pad, he always measures the thickness with his micrometre callipers even when he can know it just by his eyes. And compare the value to that of manual. And when he replaces, he also checks every part related to breaking and greases all moving parts. He, of course, spends almost five more times than Korean mechanics who work with their eyes and feels.

When a lamp does not turn on and the manual says the check sequence is Fuse – Connector – Lamp, Koreans check fuse, lamp and then the connector because we should open the floor of the car to check the lamp connector. But that German engineer checks just as the manual says even though it does not seem efficient and logical and might take much time and effort.

Episode 3: When I learned snorkeling

At Club Med in Bali, I did snorkeling. They taught the beginners with no experience before. A French instructor taught and the learners were three Koreans (inclusive of me), four Europeans which I don’t the the exact nationality, and two Japanese. The French instructor taught first how to wear swimming cap, how to wear water glasses, and then what should we do when the glasses get steamed. And many other things.

Everyone listened with carefully but two Koreans. They said in Korean “Who don’t know to wear the cap? Who don’t know to wear the glasses?” They would not listen, and felt bad because they thought the instructor treats them as a child.

When we played snorkeling, the two Koreans had much trouble with their glasses steamed.

When I meet English, French, German, American, and Canadian which we generally call the advanced country, I feel so narrow, so straight, and sometimes foolish. We, Koreans, are always fast and smart, and seek the easy way. In study such as mathematics, we do not seek the original and true way but only easy way.

And what is the result? They are advanced and we are not.

From now on, 2007, I will try to be faithful to basis even though I look like straight and foolish.


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