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Monday, 11 September 2006

Distinction hurts others

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Distinction always hurts others or at least makes others feel bad.
My family had never been rich since my birth. I heard that my grandfather was great rich when my father was young, not not my time. And when I was freshman and junior in high school, I was not in top class. I was not the student that teachers like. Teachers love the student in top class and the son of the rich and the power.

That was english class of summer school in the second year of high school. My father did rice shop, and I had to deliver them to the customer’s house by bicycle all day and all night until midnight. I worked the day before of course. I was very tired. And there was a boy who was in top class whose father was rich in my class.

That rich boy slept in that english class lying down on the desk. The teacher saw that and said in lower voice “someone’s sleeping”. After about five minutes, I dozed a little because I was too tired, and the lesson was boring. The teacher saw me also and said in his very angry voice “You, come out to me, son of bitch”.

And in front of the blackboard, I was beaten like a dog for about thirty minutes.

I was very sad as much as I cannot describe not because I was beaten bitterly but because I was distinguished. Teacher’s beating his student was normal at that time of 1992 in Korea.

Distinction is bad.

My second episode occurred last week.

My office works five days a week. To work saturday and sunday, and to get paid for them, one need to get signed for by CTO.

I worked the saturday before last week for emergency work and I applied the paper for weekend work. I worked 7 am to 11 pm – 16 hours work. And one of my colleague worked also.  His work was not emergency and even necessary.

And I found that CTO signed for him and rejected my paper.  I was not hurt for I am a grown-up. But I felt bitterly bad.

Distinction is bad.

When you distinguish someone, you might do not know and your feeling might not be so bad. But when you are distinguished, you must know it. You must feel and taste bitterness much.

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