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Monday, 21 August 2006

Close the door and go out!

Filed under: Lang:English,Subj:Languages — Jemyoung Leigh @ 10:09

Without special word which specifies the time order, the words order in a sentence follows the time order. For instance, if I say “I went there and met her,” I first did ‘go’ and then ‘meet.’ The word order of go-meet represents the time order.

But one of the most frequently used sentence in Korean is “Close the door and go out!” It is apparently not time order. We first go out and then close the door. Why is that? It is surely against the grammar.

But what if it is grammatical – that is time order? One close the door first and then go out. If so, I must assume that the ancestors of Korean people were X Men! My ancestors were passing through the walls. 🙂

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