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Thursday, 29 June 2006

My travel to Japan – last day

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Last night, Mrs. Konomi’s father suggested me that he would take me to Hakata port but I did not want to drive him too hard. I really thank him for that.

I woke up 5:40 AM and ate bread with coffee, and got out of the house at 6:11. I got Shin-Yatsushiro at 6:30.

At Hakata station, I needed to get the bus to the port but I did not know where to get on. I asked several people for it but they was not able to give me correct guide. Some one told me to go to bus terminal, and I did. But in the bus terminal, there was none for the port. I was very worried for the time of departure is almost come.
In the terminal, I found a woman in blue tone dress, and I asked of her for the port (I talked in English). She also did not know but she was different at all. She made a phone call to some one and asked for it. Because she failed to get some information, she went up one or two stairs with me to ask for it of the clerks in the convenient store. Finally she got the answer and to my surprise, she brought me to the site where I can get the bus.

She was the ‘most kind and nice’ one, and even more she was prettiest and cutest one that I had met on the street of Japan for seven days of my travel. She was so nice. She was so cool. I made one great mistake – I did not give my name card to her nor asked of her for her contact points such as e-mail or phone number. Even I did not asked of her for her name!!! BAKA!

She shook her right hand until I cannot see her on the bus. I was really deeply moved for her kindness and for her beauty.
In spite of all her efforts, I lost my ship to Busan. I got the port 9:29 and the departure was 9:30. I had to get the next ship. I thought I needed no money for I already had the ticket to Busan – I had to pay the extra charge(700 Yen) for increased oil price and the port usage tax(400 Yen).

In the ship, a girl sat down next to me. She is Korean and she said her boyfriend lives alone in Fukuoka, and she was with him for several days and nights. I was not understand him – why he makes love with this girl for she is not pretty at all. Well, the face is not everything, and skin beauty is not the real beauty. Yes, I know. But in my eyes, Japanese girls are far much kind and cute. I did not understand him and I don’t want to understand him.

In Busan station, I ate Burger King – Yes, Burger King is most delicious.

In comparison to Japan, Korea in in its chaos. I completely understood why Japan is advanced forward country and Korea is not.


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