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Wednesday, 28 June 2006

My travel to Japan – sixth day

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Early in the morning, I went around Yatsushiro by bicycle. Museum and Library were closed for it was monday. They rest on Mondays. I ran with the students who were goint to there school. So many people were using bicycle.

I went to Shohinken, the small garden. It was opened. The manager said that they would be closed on Mondays, but they open only when the flowers are blooming. It was 300 Yen to enter. I thought it is not reasonable price for it is very small garden even though it was beautiful.

When I was about to go out, a guide came and I got his explanation. He explained many things about Kumamoto and Yatsushiro to me. With this kind and nice guide, 300 Yen is reasonable.

Shohinken was built by the third lord of Yatsushiro for his mother’s rest. It was surrounded by tall trees but in the old days, the trees were small and they could see the smoke of Aso volcano and the sea.

There was an event about tea, and I was able to get a cup of free tea. Well, the tea was beautiful. And after two and half hours’ talking with the guide, I went out of Shohinken.

By bicycle, I went to Yatsushiro castle, and the station. I went to the Castle Yatsushiro, the silver town where Mrs. Konomi works. And I called Mrs. Konomi. We ate Takoyaki for lunch.

Then I went to Fukuoka to buy the Neko bus that one of my friend asked me for. The Hakata station information girl told me about Canal City. I asked the way in English just for fun, and it was really funny.

Almost everyone that I asked of looked panic but all of them were greatly kind and nice. I found Ghibli Shop but they said they don’t have huge Neko bus. They said they don’t make huge Neko bus for it would not be sold.

Back to station, I lost my way and I asked of two girls. They looked like college students – one was a bit fat, and the other was so cute. We had very pleasant time to the station – they walked almost near to the station for me.
In the Hakata station, I got two tickets, one for going to Yatsushiro, the other for coming back to Hakata in the morning of the next day.

Coming home, we went to Inuki Udon restaurant, and I ate tonkatsu. And then we went to a spa where costs 330 Yen for adult and 60 Yen for child before school. It is very cheap price for the normal bathing place costs about 500 Yen in Korea.

Yukie was very sleepy. Yukie acts and speaks like grown-ups but she becomes child when she is sleepy. Yes, she is child. I felt pity for her.


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  1. I got an comment – the name of Udong is not inuki but sanuki. Sorry 🙂

    Comment by Jemyoung Leigh — Thursday, 20 July 2006 @ 14:43 | Reply

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