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Friday, 30 June 2006

Faith and son

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It seems a kind of rule that great father does not make his son great.

I saw many cases that a great and moral father has fallen son. Why is it?

Ezekiel 14:20 says “though Noah, Daniel, and Job were in it, as I live, saith the Lord GOD, they shall deliver neither son nor daughter; they shall but deliver their own souls by their righteousness”.

Noah, Daniel and Job is the ones with great faith. But their faith deliver themselves only. Their faith cannot deliver even their son.

Eli the high priest was man of faith but his sons were not. 1 Samuel 2:12 says “Now the sons of Eli were sons of Belial; they knew not the LORD”.

And Samuel is the only one who was anointed for all three roles – priest, judge, prophet – in the times of Old Testament. But his sons were fallen too. 1 Samuel 8:3 says “And his sons walked not in his ways, but turned aside after lucre, and took bribes, and perverted judgment”.

The reason I am saying this is I was shocked so much yesterday night.

My pastor Suk is the great man of God. He is so faithful. His knowledge on the Bible is so deep, and is getting deeper and deeper everyday. His wife is a missionary.  They are doing so much works domestic and international. From Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Philippines, Japan, China (many cities), they receive calls and requests to come and preach. In Korea also, they receive calls and go here and there to preach the gospel.

They have only one child whose name is Samuel. And he is fallen. He made holes in his ears and have earrings on his ears.

But I believed that he is not fallen even though he has holes in his ears for his father is so faithful and a man of God.

What I saw yesterday is him smoking on the street with his friend. He seems drink and have some relationships with girls.

I completely agree to my pastor’s teaching except one – He says if he stands upright before God, God will keep his son from all temptations and make his son faithful even though he does not care about his son at all. I don’t think so. If someone wants his child faithful and right, he must pay great attention on his child.

Monica, the mother of St. Augustine, prayed and did everything for her son with a little hope in dark and heavy desperation. She also is faithful. But the reason why St. Augustine had come back to God is the prayer and care of his mother. If she had faith and did not care for her son, St. Augustine would not come back.

I just want my pastor to give attention and care for his son to be made upright and faithful.

Thursday, 29 June 2006


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Hakata map

일본 여행 – 마지막날

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전날 밤에 코노미씨의 아버지가 하카타 항구까지 태워다 주겠다고 했지만 너무나 신세가 되고싶지 않아서 거절했다. 하지만 마음만은 아주 감사하게 받았다.

5시 40분에 일어나서 빵과 커피를 먹고 6시 11분에 집을 나왔다. 6시 30분에 신야츠시로에 도착했다.

하카타 역에서 항구로 가는 버스를 타야 하는데 어디서 타는지를 몰랐다. 몇몇 사람에게 물어보았지만 다들 대답을 못했다. 어떤 사람이 버스 터미널에 가보라고 해서 갔지만 항구로 가는 버스는 없었다. 배가 출발할 시간이 가까와져서 걱정이 되었다.

터미널에서 푸른색 계통의 드레스를 입은 아가씨를 만나서 항구로 가는 길을 물어보았다(영어로). 그 아가씨도 몰랐지만 다른 사람과 전혀 달랐다. 먼저 누군가에게 전화를 해서 물어보았다. 그래도 대답을 못 듣자 그녀는 나를 데리고 한층인가 두층 올라가서 편의점 직원에게 물었다. 그리고는 나를 데리고 버스타는 곳까지 가줬다.

그녀는 내가 일본의 길거리에서 칠일동안 만난 사람 가운데 가장 친절하고 좋은 사람이었고, 또한 가장 예쁘고 귀여운 아가씨였다. 너무 예뻤다. 너무 귀여웠다. 그런데 중대한 실수를 하고 말았다. 내 명함을 주지 않았고, 그녀의 연락처를 묻지도 않은 것이었다. 심지어 이름조차 물어보지 않았다! 바보탱이!

그녀는 내가 버스에서 보이지 않을 때까지 손을 흔들어 줬다. 그녀의 친절과 아름다움에 매우 감동했다.

그녀의 노력에도 불구하고 부산에 가는 배를 못탔다. 항구에 9시 29분에 도착했는데 배는 30분에 출발이었다. 그래서 다음 배를 타야했다. 배표를 이미 갖고 있어서 돈은 필요없다고 생각했는데, 유류할증료 700엔과 항구이용료 400엔을 내야했다.

배에서 옆자리에 한 여자가 앉았는데, 한국여자로 남자친구가 후쿠오카에 혼자사는 일본 사람이라고 한다. 남자친구와 몇일 밤낮을 함께 보냈다고 한다. 그 남자를 이해할 수가 없다. 왜 전혀 예쁘지 않은 여자와 사귀는 것일까? 물론 얼굴이 전부가 아니고 내면의 아름다움이 진정한 아름다움이라는 건 안다. 하지만 내가 볼 때에는 일본 여자가 훨씬 친절하고 귀엽다. 그 남자를 이해할 수도 없고 이해하고 싶지도 않다. 왜 그런 안예쁜 여자랑….

7일동안 똥을 두 번 눴는데, 한 번은 신칸센에서, 그리고 한 번은 돌아오는 배에서 눴다. 배에서는 똥이 하도 굵어서 막혀버렸다. 아무리 물을 내려도 씻겨 내려가지 않는다. 그래서 그냥 나왔다. -_-;;

부산역에서 버거킹을 먹었다. 역시 햄버거는 버거킹이 제일 맛있다.

일본과 비교해서 한국은 매우 무질서하다. 왜 일본은 선진국이고 한국은 아닌지 완전히 이해하게 되었다.

Hakata port

My travel to Japan – last day

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Last night, Mrs. Konomi’s father suggested me that he would take me to Hakata port but I did not want to drive him too hard. I really thank him for that.

I woke up 5:40 AM and ate bread with coffee, and got out of the house at 6:11. I got Shin-Yatsushiro at 6:30.

At Hakata station, I needed to get the bus to the port but I did not know where to get on. I asked several people for it but they was not able to give me correct guide. Some one told me to go to bus terminal, and I did. But in the bus terminal, there was none for the port. I was very worried for the time of departure is almost come.
In the terminal, I found a woman in blue tone dress, and I asked of her for the port (I talked in English). She also did not know but she was different at all. She made a phone call to some one and asked for it. Because she failed to get some information, she went up one or two stairs with me to ask for it of the clerks in the convenient store. Finally she got the answer and to my surprise, she brought me to the site where I can get the bus.

She was the ‘most kind and nice’ one, and even more she was prettiest and cutest one that I had met on the street of Japan for seven days of my travel. She was so nice. She was so cool. I made one great mistake – I did not give my name card to her nor asked of her for her contact points such as e-mail or phone number. Even I did not asked of her for her name!!! BAKA!

She shook her right hand until I cannot see her on the bus. I was really deeply moved for her kindness and for her beauty.
In spite of all her efforts, I lost my ship to Busan. I got the port 9:29 and the departure was 9:30. I had to get the next ship. I thought I needed no money for I already had the ticket to Busan – I had to pay the extra charge(700 Yen) for increased oil price and the port usage tax(400 Yen).

In the ship, a girl sat down next to me. She is Korean and she said her boyfriend lives alone in Fukuoka, and she was with him for several days and nights. I was not understand him – why he makes love with this girl for she is not pretty at all. Well, the face is not everything, and skin beauty is not the real beauty. Yes, I know. But in my eyes, Japanese girls are far much kind and cute. I did not understand him and I don’t want to understand him.

In Busan station, I ate Burger King – Yes, Burger King is most delicious.

In comparison to Japan, Korea in in its chaos. I completely understood why Japan is advanced forward country and Korea is not.


Wednesday, 28 June 2006


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松浜軒は3代の 殿様が母親のため建てたそう。今は背の高い木たちがいっぱい回ってるけど、昔には背が低くて阿蘇山の煙とか海が見えたそう。



その後、友達に頼まれた猫バスを買いに福岡に行った。博多駅の案内でキャナル・シティーに行ってて言われて道を聞いて行った。そこでジブリのショオプを見つけたけど、大きい猫バスはなかった。 大きい猫バスは売れないから作らないと聞いた。



ユキエちゃんはすごく眠かった。普通ユキエちゃんは結構大人らしいなのに、眠いときだけは子供になるんだ。やはり子供は子供だ。 ユキエちゃんがかわいそうに感じた。


일본 여행 – 여섯째날

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아침 일찍 자전거를 타고 야츠시로를 돌아다녔다. 박물관과 도서실은 월요일에 닫는다고 해서 들어가지 못했다. 자전거를 타고 등교하는 학생들 옆에서 달려봤다. 자전거를 참 많이 타고 다닌다.

쇼힌켄이라는 작은 정원에 갔다. 다행히도 열려 있었다. 월요일은 쉬지만 꽃이 피어있을 때만 연다고 한다. 입장료가 300엔이었다. 예쁘지만 작은 정원에 300엔은 비싸다고 생각된다.

나오려고 하는데 가이드가 왔고, 설명을 들었다. 쿠마모토와 야츠시로에 대해서 여러가지 들려 주었다. 이런 친절하고 자세한 안내라면 300엔이 아깝지 않다.

쇼힌켄은 3대 영주가 어머니를 위해 지었다고 한다. 지금은 키가 큰 나무들이 둘러싸고 있지만 예전에는 나무들의 키가 작아서 아소산의 연기와 바다가 보였다고 한다.

차에 관련된 행사가 있어서 차 한 잔을 무료로 얻어 마실 수 있었다. 차가 무척 아름다웠다. 약 2시간 반동안 설명을 듣고 나서 쇼힌켄을 나왔다.

자전거를 타고 야츠시로 성터와 야츠시로 역에 갔다. 그리고 코노미씨가 일하는 노인 복지시설인 캐슬 야츠시로에 가서 전화를 했다. 점심으로는 타코야키를 먹었다.

그 후에 친구에게 부탁받은 네코버스를 사기 위해 후쿠오카에 다시 갔다. 하카타역 안내에서 캐널 시티에 가라고 들어서 길을 물어 찾아갔다. 그 곳에서 지브리 상점을 찾았는데, 그 곳에도 큰 네코버스는 없었다. 큰 네코버스는 사는 사람이 없어서 안만든다고 한다.

역으로 돌아올 때 두 여자에게 길을 물었는데, 대학생 같아 보였다. 한 명은 조금 살쪘고, 한 명은 꽤 귀여웠다. 역까지 오면서 재미있게 얘기했다. 그들은 나 때문에 역 근처까지 걸어왔다.

후쿠오카에서는 재미로 영어로 이야기를 했다. 대부분의 사람들이 당황했고, 꽤 재미있었다.  역에서 야츠시로에 돌아갈 것과 다음날 아침에 돌아올 기차표 두 장을 받았다.

집에 와서, 이누키 우동집에 가서 나는 돈까스를 먹었다. 그 후에 온천에 갔는데, 어른은 330엔, 아이는 60엔이었다.  한국에서도 일반 목욕탕이 5000원 정도 하니까 꽤 싼 편이다.

유키에짱은 매우 졸려 했다. 평소에는 상당히 어른스러운 아이인데, 졸릴 때만은 아이가 된다. 역시 아이는 아이다. 유키에짱이 가엽게 느껴졌다.


My travel to Japan – sixth day

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Early in the morning, I went around Yatsushiro by bicycle. Museum and Library were closed for it was monday. They rest on Mondays. I ran with the students who were goint to there school. So many people were using bicycle.

I went to Shohinken, the small garden. It was opened. The manager said that they would be closed on Mondays, but they open only when the flowers are blooming. It was 300 Yen to enter. I thought it is not reasonable price for it is very small garden even though it was beautiful.

When I was about to go out, a guide came and I got his explanation. He explained many things about Kumamoto and Yatsushiro to me. With this kind and nice guide, 300 Yen is reasonable.

Shohinken was built by the third lord of Yatsushiro for his mother’s rest. It was surrounded by tall trees but in the old days, the trees were small and they could see the smoke of Aso volcano and the sea.

There was an event about tea, and I was able to get a cup of free tea. Well, the tea was beautiful. And after two and half hours’ talking with the guide, I went out of Shohinken.

By bicycle, I went to Yatsushiro castle, and the station. I went to the Castle Yatsushiro, the silver town where Mrs. Konomi works. And I called Mrs. Konomi. We ate Takoyaki for lunch.

Then I went to Fukuoka to buy the Neko bus that one of my friend asked me for. The Hakata station information girl told me about Canal City. I asked the way in English just for fun, and it was really funny.

Almost everyone that I asked of looked panic but all of them were greatly kind and nice. I found Ghibli Shop but they said they don’t have huge Neko bus. They said they don’t make huge Neko bus for it would not be sold.

Back to station, I lost my way and I asked of two girls. They looked like college students – one was a bit fat, and the other was so cute. We had very pleasant time to the station – they walked almost near to the station for me.
In the Hakata station, I got two tickets, one for going to Yatsushiro, the other for coming back to Hakata in the morning of the next day.

Coming home, we went to Inuki Udon restaurant, and I ate tonkatsu. And then we went to a spa where costs 330 Yen for adult and 60 Yen for child before school. It is very cheap price for the normal bathing place costs about 500 Yen in Korea.

Yukie was very sleepy. Yukie acts and speaks like grown-ups but she becomes child when she is sleepy. Yes, she is child. I felt pity for her.


Monday, 26 June 2006

FIFA sucks

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2006 German World-cup.

Korea was in group G with Français, Swiss, and Togo. And Swiss is the source of trouble. The FIFAis famous for its dictatorship, and current president is of Swiss.

“Korean football team fought against Swiss handball team under the handball referee”

In Korea-Swiss match, Swiss players committed handling obviously at least more than three times, and the Argentine referee ignored all.

Swiss players committed “off side” and sub-referee raised up the yellow flag. Seeing the flag raised, Korean players stopped playing but Swiss players shot. The referee ignored his sub-referee totally.

Swiss players committed many intended fouls and the umpire ignored them all.

When Korean players attacked the Swiss goal, the umpire whistled many times and sentenced foul even when they did not commit anything.

Once, Korean players was driving the ball, the referee stood still to touch the ball. And the ball was handed to Swiss players bounced from the referee.

Swiss team has twelve players inclusive of the referee.

Not only Korea-Swiss match, but also Français-Swiss and Togo-Swiss matches were also unfair. The referees also ignored the Swiss fouls and handlings. – Swiss handball team.

Friday, 23 June 2006


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일본 여행 – 다섯째날

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사가에서 기차를 타서 하카타 역에 9:20에 도착했다. 한국에서는 쿠마모토에 있는 교회에 가려고 해서 검색을 했다. 그런데 쿠마모토까지갈 시간이 없다. 그래서 후쿠오카에 있는 교회를 찾기 위해서 전화번호부를 찾았다.

교회를 발견해서 전화를 했다. 그리고 알려준 대로 지하철을 탔다. 후쿠오카 중앙 교회였는데, 예배가 10시 반에 시작한다고 해서 서둘렀다. 9:45분에 지하철을 탔는데, 하카타 역에서 아카사카 역까지 겨우 네 정거장인데 2500원이다! 한국에서는 서울 이쪽 끝에서 저쪽 끝까지 가도 1000원인데.

교회는 아름답고 예배는 조용하며 엄숙했다. 재밌는 것은 우리 교회에서 하던 것과 같은 멜로디의 송영을 처음과 끝에 한다는 것이다. 예배 동안에 한국어를 할 줄 아는 세이조씨의 도움을 받았다. 

예배가 끝나고 임신을 한 한국 유학생을 만났는데 중국인과 결혼을 했다. 어쩌면 진정한 아시아인일지도 모르겠다. 자신은 한국인, 남편은 중국인, 사는 곳은 일본.

그 교회 청년회와 자매결연을 하려고 했는데, 청년부가 없단다. 세이조씨의 도움으로 텐진의 지하 상가를 둘러보았고 오후 1시반에 하카타 역에 도착했다. 2:10에 신야츠시로에 가는 신간선을 탔다.

그리고 신야츠시로에서 코노미씨와 두 아이를 다시 만났다. 조이러스라는 곳에 가서 네코 버스를 찾아봤지만 헛수고였고, 아이들과 장난감 가게에서 같이 놀았다. 아이들과 노는 것은 정말 재미있고 즐겁다. 그리고 아래층의 저스코에 내려가서 이것 저것 많이 샀다. 저스코는 이마트와 같은 대형 할인 매장이다.

카운터에서 견습생이 있었는데, 내 국민 카드를 쓸 수 없다고 한다. 바로 어제 하우스텐보스에서도 썼는데 말이다. 그리고 다른 실수들도 해서 나를 화나게 만들었다.

Hukuoka water watch

My travel to Japan – fifth day

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I got a train at Saga and came back to Hakata station at 9:20 am. In Korea, I wanted to go to a church in Kumamoto and I searched for it. But I have no time to get there, so I began to look into the telephone number book in the booth for a church in Hukuoka.

I found one and called them. I got on a subway just as they taught me. It was Hukuoka Central Church. They told me that they begin worship service at 10:30, so I hurried. I got the subway 9:45, and it is four stations from Hakata to Akasaka and it costed 250 yen! God, in Seoul, even crossing from east to west costs about 100 yen.

The church was beautiful and the worship was very quiet and solemn. What was interesting is that they sang the song of same melody for the first and last songs as I sing in my church. During the service, Mr. Seizo helped me for he can speak Korean.

After the worship, I met a pregnant Korean woman. She studies there and married a Chinese man. She might be real asian for she is Korean, her husband is Chinese, and lives in Japan.

I wanted to make a sisterhood relationship with the church's youth club, but they said they have no youth club. By the help of Mr. Seizo, I looked around the underground arcade in Tenjin, and came back to Hakata station 1:30 pm, and got Tsubame to Shin-yatsushiro at 2:10.

I met Konomi and her children again in Shin-yatsushiro, and went to Joyrus to find a neko bus. But I was not able to find it, and I played with the children. It was very fun. I love to play with children. After that, we went down to Jusco, the off-price store like Carrefour, and bought many things.

In the counter, the Jusco trainee told me that my KB card is invalid. But it is! Even I used it the day before. And she made more mistakes which made me angry. 


Friday, 16 June 2006


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そして26聖人を記念するために作った大浦天主堂に行った。長崎駅の そばにある店で道を聞いたけど、彼女はとても親切できれいだった。出島の辺でよんさまが好きなおばさんに会った。







Oura Church

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