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Monday, 1 May 2006

King Kong and the beauty

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I saw the movie King Kong on-line. This is my second movie by Peter Jackson. First movie was Lord of the Rings of course. These two movies are quite satisfying. I was surprised by the dinosaurs. I had never expected them.

One funny thing is that King Kong’s nostrils are heart-shaped.

What I realised again in this movie is that beauty is most important factor for man. Even King Kong recognises the beauty. In the movie I saw many skulls – King Kong must eat them all. Every man and woman who is not beautiful was eaten, but Anne Darrow who is beautiful was not eaten but loved.

But I don’t think so. There are so many thing more important than the skin deep beauty. Yes of course. That is heart and mind. One of the current blind points of current visual culture is that almost every heroin is beautiful in heart and in face also. For this, so many people has the formula of “Beauty in face = Good in mind” in their brains.

I believe that I can find a true love. A true love does not concern about the beauty in face, or economical circumstances, I strongly believe. The only reason I have this strong faith is that I am stupid.

In the final part of the movie, the film maker said “It is the beauty killed the beast.” Yes, whenever man falls in love, the woman would spoil him soon. Through Eve sin came into. And woman is much blessing for man while she is greatest disaster for him.

King Kong


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